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When the teacher is the bully
25 May 2015
Bullying from teachers is such a difficult situation to deal with. What we teach children to do around bullying – such as walking away, ignoring or telling a teacher or parent – is far more difficult when the bully is a teacher.

Rediscover the real you
January 2015
While on the surface you may seem to be “loving life”, do you tend to feel that you’ve somehow “lost” what’s essentially you through changes in your life? Or are you living with an underlying sense of feeling disconnected?

8 ways you can help your child deal with change
08 October 2014
One of the most important skills you can help your child develop is the ability to deal with change.

Heart-centred duo teach children coping skills
28 August 2014
Change is an irrefutable law of the universe, but with the right tools, it can be empowering.

Are you a helicopter parent?  Here is what it can lead to
13 August 2014
Helicopter parenting is a style of parenting that over-focuses on children by taking too much responsibility for their successes and failure.

Helping children cope with divorce
18 July 2014
With the right support and understanding, children can come through a divorce as flexible, tolerant young adults.

How to help your child develop emotional intelligence
19 June 2014
The role of feelings is important in shaping the way your children understand themselves and relate to others.