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Claremont – Cape Town

This workshop runs over five weeks each term and focuses on teaching children to identify and appropriately express their feelings – especially when faced with problems such as stress, bullying, divorce, shyness, loss, anger and anxiety.  Together with the children, we develop coping skills that help them manage their emotions, and we provide a safe and contained space for them to explore their experiences. We use activities and games to help the children access their feelings and to facilitate learning.

We also include the parents through weekly emails that contain an overview of what your child will be doing each week, interesting reading suggestions, and activities that can help you and your child through difficult or stressful times. Each child is also provided with a Feel-Better-Bag to which, each week, we add items that help to reinforce the various coping skills in a tangible and easily accessible way.

Our workshop is not affiliated with any religious group and is based on counselling principles.  It is suitable for children from grades 1 to 7 and we take a maximum of 12 children. The cost for the workshop includes a group introductory session with all the parents, as well as an individual feedback session with each set of parents, the workshop sessions and all materials.

For more information, or to register, please contact:
Marina: 083 379 4556 / marina@completeclarity.co.za