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Take a {Short Pause} and be curious about your wellbeing.

Choice is the purest expression of free will.  The freedom to choose allows us to believe that we can shape our lives exactly as we wish.  It also helps us feel like we are in control and even though it’s not necessarily true, we associate having choices with having control. And in turn, our survival instincts tell us that we will survive if we have control.

Can you imagine a world without choice or a sense of control? I guess in one way or another we have all experienced this in some form over the last two years.  But it is not just a pandemic that can leave us feeling robbed of choices.  It can be when life gets too busy, demanding and stressful that we disconnect and kick into auto pilot in order to survive.  It is times like these that self-care falls to the bottom of the list.

Choosing self-care protects us from burnout and enables us to be the most authentic version of ourselves.  While it can sometimes have the bad reputation of being quite selfish, the truth is that self-care can be the greatest gift of nourishment and care not only to you, but also those around you. When we show up depleted, there isn’t much we can give from that empty tank.

I am delighted to team up with Certified TRE Provider Charisse Fourie from Intentional Healing to bring you our {Short Pause} Workshops  We to invite you to take a short pause with us for a break from your busy life to recharge.  Choose between our online programme or our in-person experience.  Both offer space and time to harness the power of connection, intention, curiosity and nurturing to increase your overall sense of empowerment and wellbeing.  Our merged skills enable us to take a holistic look at self-care through both a physical and emotional lens.

Click here to find out more details about what we have to offer and an opportunity to reserve your place in one of our {Short Pause} workshops.  Alternatively click here to register.

Please note that depending on your medical aid policy you can claim back a portion of the {Short Pause} costs.  Should you have any queries about this or would like more information about our workshops please feel free to reach out to myself or Charisse on info@intentionalhealing.co.za